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adidas Superstar 35 anniversary celebration commemorating shoes

       Published in 1970, the Adidas Superstar  sport shoes are gallopping for many years in Sport,it  has winned the  professional basketball player’s love.Moreover,its ranges are not only in court but also turn to the fashion stage, the music world,  street culture and so on  by virtue of its unique charm and sent out  the art of dazzling light. Adidas Superstar classic over the years has beyond the ordinary pair of shoes and it is not only an important marker of  revolutionary movement with the combination of pop culture , but  has become a concept of  trend life.

2005 is the  adidas Superstar 35 anniversary, it not only record the transformation process of a generation of the classic sports shoes,but also set a new mark to continue  the Adidas Superstar’s legend .

To celebrate the important moment of revolutionary movement and cultural combination for the logo, and  to show the relation between the  Superstar and all kinds of culture. Adidas grand launch the  limited Superstar commemorative edition. Superstar commemorative edition is divided into five series, including: 1. Consortium Series  2. Expression Series  3. Music Series  4. City Series 5. Anniversary Series  together with the No.1 Adi Dassler and top-secret hidden No.35 total 35 pairs of shoes, through the media , creation unit and the concept to  re-interpretation and to give the classic a new subsection 35 Superstar face.

 This is  a moment of  continuing classic  and  another legend.

Superstar 35th Anniversary Expression Series