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Adidas goodyear

Everyone needs cool shoes that just feel fast and the Goodyear Street men's athletic inspired shoes from adidas are as cool as they come. The sole on these kicks is inspired by Goodyear's tires, and will definitely give you the traction you are searching for. What we're trying to figure out is when Goodyear will return the favor and come out with an adidas-inspired street tire. Think about it... adidas goodyear style on your ride? Heads would turn as you pull into the parking lot at the soccer field in the "adidasmobile." You could go really crazy and paint the three-stripe logo on the doors, and maybe a big silvery trefoil logo on the hood. Laces up the windshield, and don't forget the shell-toe grill. Yeah, we can see it now... brings a whole new meaning to "soccer dad," doesn't it?