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The fascination of Adidas

Adidas sports goods just followed by the "Nike" in the current market come off second best. Advertising of the Adidas trademark on a phrase is: impossible is nothing.


Sporting goods in the world, adidas has always represented a special status, which was a symbol known as the "three lines of victory." Since founded in 1948 , adidas helped countless athletes to create a great achivement. Therefore, adidas can also be said that collections of  the people trust and respect for the best model.

The founder of Adidas who named Adi Dassler was not only a highly skilled shoe-maker, but also sport lover. His dream is to design the most suitable sports shoes for the athlete to.In this concept, Adi Dassler designed the first pair of sports shoes in 1920.Because of his continued research and development, shoes by he designed were the favorite of many top players, not only surprise in the Olympic Games , but set a word-of-mouth in the sports arena . Adi Dassler created the adidas brand in 1948, and his shoe-making experience over the years using of three line-side shoes sports  can even fit athletes foot into the design of the discovery of new shoes .Therefore, the first brand adidas has three pairs of shoes line presented in 1949 in the world. Since then, people can see the "victory of the three lines" in the sports arena.

The fascination of Adidas

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